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Product Lines

CNC and Four Slide Wire Forms

Specialty Cold Headed Products

Secondary Operations:press Forming, Fixture Forming, Hand Bending And Forming, Welding, Assembly, Riveting, Centerless Grinding, Thread-spline-knurl And Growth Rolling Etc.


Industries Served


Lawn & Garden



Small Appliance & Tools

Household Products


Small Engine

Commercial Fishing Hardware

Hardware, Concrete Anchors, Clavis Pins And Clips, Etc.

Plastic Injection Mold Inserts

Die Cast Mold Inserts

Billiard Cue Fittings

Health And Fitness Equipment

Toy Manufacturers

Trailer Manufacturers

Carpenter Tools



CNC wire forming capability .440 diameter. Low or no tooling cost, quick set ups which provides short lead times. Low volume (200+) and high-volume orders accepted.

Complete for slide department offering total wire forming capacity .440 diameter. Flat stock and round stock. Coil feed, vibratory feed and magazine feet. Require a minimum EA you of 100M.

Specialty cold heading capacity to 1.125 diameter wire, Form parts up to 6 inches in length. Steel, brass, copper and stainless steel materials cold headed. Require a minimum yeah you are 100M,


Quality Control

ISO 9002/QS 9000 

Compliance in year 2000